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Contemporary Irish Design

Aisling Duff

Thought Process

The concept of “controlled confession” dictates form and detail, focusing on shapes created by the act of folding and unfolding shawls on the body in order to uncover one’s self (both physically and emotionally). Sound, colour and metaphor from the confessional poetry of Sylvia Plath provide a design aesthetic of soft, yet confident, femininity.

Design Ethos


Focus on fabrication and texture with an emphasis on both hand and machine knit.


A keen interest in soft, surprising and innovative fabrics and yarns.


Strong concepts that fuel design development, focusing primarily on heritage, female identity and confessional writing.

A Little About Me

Aisling Duff

Having completed a joint major BA in Fashion Design and History of Art and Design from the National College of Art and Design (Dublin), I am interested in both fashion theory and progressive fabrication with a specialisation in contemporary knit.